Choose the Right Path For You

Choose the Right Path For You

Unsure of what field of interest is right for you? It can be hard to choose the right path for you, but with the help of the Marine Corps, you will gain knowledge of management opportunities and leadership experience like no other. All occupations fall into one of two categories within the Marines: Ground and Air.

More than three-fourths of all Marines are a part of a ground force that is the backbone of the Marine Corps. Here, you could lead forty infantrymen or call fire down on targets miles away. You could develop intelligence assessments or manage information systems for an entire division.

As a Marine aviation officer, you’ll be in one of the world’s largest tactical air forces. Marine aviators provide close air support for ground troops. It is a tradition started more than a half century ago, and is an experience unmatched in the civilian world.

Marine Corps Officer Opportunities
If you are looking to step up and become a distinguished leader, then the Marine Corps offers many officer opportunities for you. The career of a Marine Corps officer has many advantages. The variety of duties, responsibilities and challenges is unlike any found in the civilian sector. As a United States Marine Corps officer, you will acquire the confidence that comes from understanding your capabilities. The USMC offers a program designed to train you to be an Officer and to establish tremendous leadership skills. Read more about what it takes to get into the Officer Candidate School.

Marine Corps Reservists Opportunities
Reserve Marines provide strength and depth to our Corps.Those who choose this federal job as a Marine Reserve can utilize a host of education and financial benefits, which is also extended to their families. They can also later get into active service if they so desire. As a Reservist, you will receive extra income, receive valuable benefits, receive training in diverse fields and have a chance to serve your country. As a college student and a Marine Reservist, you attend one weekend drill per month.

Marine Corps Veteran Opportunities – Marines also have veterans programs, which include benefits including healthcare, family and financial benefits.Those enlisted in this service are also entitled to other benefits such as healthcare and housing at discounted rates and can also take retirement benefits. Many opt to retire and work in other fields and industries where they are readily employed.

Marine Enlisted Opportunities – Enlistment begins with recruit training, and is generally a four-year commitment. Most Marines serve by enlisting. As an enlisted Marine, you receive food allowances, housing, living expenses, pay, and incentive bonuses.

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